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You Know Me, Eddie (Ch. 6)


Chapter Title: What a Beautiful Wedding

Do you hear those bells a-chiming? It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for-wedding day!

Description: Elizabeth is a new orderly working in Mount Massive Asylum’s female ward. It wasn’t until she was transferred to the male ward did things go awry. She always knew there was something not right with the Asylum or it’s head director, Jeremy Blaire, but she did not expect the horrors that were hidden just beneath her feet. 

Warning: includes some triggers, gore, and all that other fun stuff

Pairing: EddiexOC

Song: I’m Not Getting Married Today- Company

My jaw clenched down painfully as I felt the sharp sting of the needle penetrate my skin. The grinding of my teeth deafened screams of horror that grew thicker inside my throat as Eddie quite literally sewed the fabric of the dress into my flesh. The crunching of my molars harmonized with Eddie’s insane hums producing an orchestra that Vincent Price himself would be afraid of.

Once again, Eddie dipped the needle into my skin, furthering it into my body and lifted it back out, leaving trails of fresh blood in its wake. As he pulled on the thread, tightening the stitching, my skin tugged up in response like a marionette on a string.

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